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CollectorGoods offers you an experience that doesn't exist yet.
We offer you the finest miniature skateboard equipment, collector's items and high-quality clothing - your lifestyle.

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Time and again, products come onto the market that we see as absolute "MUST HAVE "s.
These products convince through their quality, performance, innovation and development.

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limited edition

Beastpants Fabric Bottomply

Freshly arrived from Los Angeles!
The limited edition Beastpants Fabric Bottomply Decks.
The decks are available in three unique designs, 33mm and 34mm and the Feral and Rabid Shape.

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Our products are divided into different categories, making it easier for you to find what you want. In each category you will find the products that match the category above.


the highest quality standard

We, CollectorGoods, have the highest demands on the quality and performance of the products we offer. Our goal is to offer you the best possible riding experience through a sensible combination of the highest quality components.
Each product has been extensively tested for durability and performance.
All products that we offer are handmade and lovingly manufactured in small factories.

CollectorGoods finger board
The deck

The deck is the heart of every miniature skateboard.
The width and shape of the decks can vary greatly,
each individual style has its preferences.
which deck suits you best?

The Wheels

The wheels compliment the setup. You have the choice between small, medium and large wheels.
Setups on small wheels are great for technical sessions, while larger wheels are ideal for curling or bowl sessions.

The trucks

The trucks are screwed directly to the deck and are therefore the interface between the deck and the wheels. The width of the trucks can be adjusted to your chosen deck.

limited edition

The highest standards of quality and performance.

From start to finish: designed, developed and produced with love in Germany. Two designs in different colour combinations, five shapes and the tried and tested Techly and Calmly Mold available. Each deck is numbered.

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